Couples Coaching

Research shows that the people closest to us influence everything in our lives — from how much money we make, to our risk of various diseases.* When it comes to our most intimate partnership, therefore, being on the same page in our approach to health + well-being becomes incredibly powerful. During couples coaching sessions, I support you and your partner in developing a shared mindset and strategies that set up your coupleship for long-term health + well-being success.



Fees + Details

Couples coaching - 4 session, 3-month program: $595 ($195 deposit)

Couples coaching includes 4 sessions that you and your partner will complete over a 3-month period. The first coaching session is a 2-hour, initial consultation, and subsequent follow-up sessions are 1-hour.

Couples coaching sessions meet in-person, or virtually by phone, or Zoom. In-person, couples coaching sessions take place at The Coven in downtown Minneapolis.

During couples coaching, we will work as a team to holistically approach you and your partner’s health and well-being goals through conversation. This program is ideal for partners who have been by one another’s sides for years, and for partners who have only starting merging their lives, alike. In either case, devoting some time and energy to establishing a like-minded approach to health and well-being leads to a greater chance of success for your goals as partners, as well as for your individual goals. Social support is a powerful factor in habit formation.*

The couples coaching program was born from Haus of Ojas’s personal coaching program. After working with individuals who made mindset shifts and changed their habits through personal coaching, they would write me asking for an opportunity to bring their partner into coaching. One of the partner’s had changed, but the other partner wasn’t on the same page. After doing one-off coaching sessions for partners with this need, I decided to formalize a program. As with personal coaching, I specialize in stress, pace-of-life, and relationship with food related goals. Every partnership navigates varying levels of stress and all of us need to eat, so hey, why not make life easier by approaching these areas with a bit of strategy, shared mindset, and of course, your favorite person.



Proud Partner of Wedded Wellness

In 2019, I partnered with Wedded Wellness, curated wellness for engaged couples. Wedded Wellness specializes in unique and customizable yoga and meditation experiences for individuals, couples, and groups. Haus of Ojas and Wedded Wellness have joined together to offer soon-to-be married couples and newlyweds Self-Care Bachelorettes and Holistic Health Couples Coaching. Already married? Think of gifting an experience, or coaching service to the special couple in your life. And hey, you get to bypass the gift registry!

Mention Wedded wellness when booking couples coaching for an additional $25 off.

This discount is intended for engaged, or newlywed couples, and those who are already working with Wedded Wellness.