Offerings for Organizations

Group experiences are powerful and fun ways to support your organization in creating a culture of health. If you would like to feature health and well-being as part of your next presentation, workshop, retreat or event, I’d love to collaborate with you. 


Collaboration Opportunities

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Holistic Workshops

Excellent for corporate settings and large groups, I offer workshops on a variety of health and well-being topics. I focus on easy-to-apply takeaways for your participants and I’m happy to incorporate your organization’s values and current initiatives. Together, we’ll help your participants view health as a resource in innovation and productivity. We’ll also get creative with interactive components so that your attendees have fun and leave inspired to enhance their lifestyle. Check out our current workshop offerings below. If you don’t see a workshop that peaks your interest, let me know what topic you have in mind. I develop new content per your request.


Recipe Development

For me, a successful recipe is an entire experience (a perfect blend of colors, textures, temperatures, and nutrients). Simply put, I create recipes that both inspire and nourish.

I primarily use seasonal, whole, and plant-based ingredients, but I’m an omnivore and incorporate all types of eating styles and global ingredients. My aim in my work as a recipe developer is to help you and your business create meals that align with your business’s food philosophy (and entice customers in the process!).

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Health + Well-Being Consultations for your Organization

I’m happy to customize services to suit your organization. With a background in corporate wellness, I’m specialized in supporting organizational well-being and ensuring your employees, members, or participants walk away with inspiration, ideas, and ready to apply practices. Based on your goals, I’ll design a customized experience.

Ingredients for Sofrito Daal

Ingredients for Sofrito Daal

Current Holistic Workshop Offerings

Starts at: $520

  • Ayurvedic Wisdom

  • Cooking 101

  • Healthy Home: Personal Care + Home Products that Keep You Well

  • Market/Grocery Shopping + Pantry Clean Out

  • Relationship with Food

  • Self-Care as Ritual

  • Vinyasa Yoga + Meditation Basics

  • Woman as Healer: A View into Feminine Power through Self-Love, Herbs, + Hormones

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Send me an email and tell me about your idea! I’m also available for sponsored posts, and media opportunities.

Prices vary based on your project and needs