Personal Coaching 

During personal coaching sessions, we’ll partner together to determine what’s most important to you and your health journey. I listen to your needs, wants, and personal wisdom, and offer my professional guidance based on what you’d like to achieve. 



Getting Started

Masala Chai Smoothie Bowl with Banana + Cacao

Masala Chai Smoothie Bowl with Banana + Cacao

First, let’s chat by phone to ensure we’re a good fit. We’ll discuss your goals and determine which of my offerings is best for you. You can set up time to talk by messaging me here.

 If you're interested in personal coaching, I’ll also explain how you can prepare for our initial coaching session by completing an intake form and dietary journal.


Personal Coaching | Depending on the complexity of your goals, we’ll customize the timing of your sessions and how long we work together. On average, clients have 5-6 coaching sessions (including the initial session) over a 4-6 month period. Within 6 months, you’ve achieved your goal. 

Plan to spend between 90 minutes to 2 hours with me for our initial coaching session. From there, we’ll continue with follow-up sessions that expand on your goals and your needs. Most clients like to have a follow-up session every two weeks to one month. Follow-up sessions are 45 minutes.

Specialized and Small Group Coaching | Both specialized coaching and small group coaching are one-time experiences. In specialized coaching, we'll adapt one of your follow-up sessions to include an educational theme of your choice (learn more below). Plan to spend about 2 hours together for a specialized coaching session. Small Group Coaching is available for groups of 3-5 and lasts about 2 hours. 


Personal coaching sessions take place at The Coven in downtown Minneapolis. If you’re a member of The Coven, be sure to let me know so that you can receive a discounted rate on all offerings. 


Sofrito Daal with Collard Greens

Sofrito Daal with Collard Greens

Personal Coaching 

INITIAL Coaching session: $180 | 1.5 – 2 hours

Follow-up session: $90 | 45 minutes

During our initial coaching session, we’ll cover the following:

Relationship Building with Food | We’ll talk about your current relationship with food (any hang ups, food ‘rules’ that you live by, tastes, sensitivities, and cultural preferences around food). We’ll determine what’s working and what’s not. We’ll then explore both the “what” and the “how” of eating. While many of us know that eating vegetables instead of potato chips is better for us, creating healthy daily rhythms around food can be a challenge. We’ll talk through expanding nutrient-dense food in your diet and how to build up a nourishing, loving, and healing relationship with food one day at a time.

Ayurveda Consultation | I provide you a full Ayurvedic consultation to help you understand how you can work with your unique bodily constitution, or “dosha,” to learn more about yourself and apply your understanding to hone the best nutrition, activities, and daily rhythms for your body.

Sustainability + Goal Setting | Personal coaching includes creating a plan that works for you and your individual needs (and tastes!). Together, we focus on weaving sustainability into all of your healthy lifestyle tweaks. Our goal-setting process centers on being realistic, starting small, and building on success. If you’ve made attempts to eat better, lose weight, or feel more in control of your life, but nothing has worked long-term, personal coaching will be a good fit for you. Our work together does not involve counting calories, macros, points, or following a trendy diet. Again, this is about feeling good and keeping it real.

Holistic Approach | While eating and nutrition are at the heart of our work, we’ll explore your lifestyle from a holistic perspective. You may find, for example, that working through your challenge with food is really rooted in a battle with chronic stress, or that your sleep woes are tied to a lack of organization and structure in your daily routine. Areas of exploration during our coaching sessions may include: nutrition, stress, sleep, weight, movement, environment, organization, living consciously, creating balance, etc.


Market Haul

Market Haul

Specialized Coaching

Specialized Follow-up Session: $180 |
2 hours (plus cost of food)

For some clients, specialized coaching services are  suitable to support skill-development and goal achievement. If requested, we can adapt one of our follow-up sessions to focus on one of the following areas:

Market/Grocery Shopping | I’ll accompany you to my favorite local grocers and markets. You’ll learn how to shop like a pro and take any intimidation out of selecting the best produce, finding what you need, and generally making your grocery shopping a pleasant, efficient, and healthy experience.

Cooking 101 | One of the greatest barriers I see to healthy eating is lack of confidence in cooking. During our “cooking 101” session, I’ll help you get comfortable – even playful – in the kitchen and ready to serve up easy, every day staples, as well as recipes you may view as “challenging.” I’ll also teach you how to use intuition to cook, rather than being chained to recipes for every healthy meal.

“Kitchen Make-Over” | The aim of our kitchen make-over session is to set you up for healthy eating success. We’ll go through your current pantry and fridge, toss/donate what doesn’t serve you, and begin the process of organization and stocking. We’ll talk about the best methods to store foods, for how long, and how to create a dream-worthy fridge with health-conscious (and satisfying) food at arm’s reach. Kitchen organization is often over-looked and this session shows you how to conveniently leverage your kitchen to support your healthy lifestyle.


Rose Cardamom Chia Seed Pudding

Rose Cardamom Chia Seed Pudding

Small Group Coaching

Prices vary, please contact me for rates

Are you curious about holistic living and Ayurveda, but not ready to commit to individual coaching sessions?

I offer an introduction to coaching, Ayurveda, and holistic living for groups of 3-5. During a group coaching session, you and your group will learn key principles of holistic health and Ayurveda, discuss how they relate to your individual lives, and establish easy ways to apply the tenants of holistic living to your lifestyle.

Each group member will also receive an “express” one on one coaching session (10-15 minutes each). I’ll provide each group member ideas and a high-level evaluation to get them started. From there, you can follow up with individualized sessions, or work on your own.

If you’d like to enhance your group coaching session and make an experience of our time together, I can create an Ayurvedic tasting menu to go along with your learning session. You’ll sample Ayurvedic delights as you learn to improve your lifestyle. Group coaching is great for a unique and meaningful gathering with close friends, family, or among couples.