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A Word on Holiday Eating

Eating is so much to us, and yet, we’d prefer to pretend it’s just physical “fuel.” There couldn’t be a better time to prove this concept inadequate than during the holiday season. The holidays prove that food is emotional, social, a source of joy and pleasure, cultural, nostalgic, and even spiritual.

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When Shame Influences Our Goals

With the season of resolutions upon us, I encourage you to apply self-compassion on the path ahead. When we change through acceptance of ourselves, we create the space to uncurl, to expand. When we change through rigidity, high (or unrealistic) expectations, we confine ourselves. The former is long-lasting change, the latter is temporary. 

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Hello & Welcome!

I'm Nellie, creator of Haus of Ojas and Holistic Living Coach. In the Haus of Ojas blog and on insta @hausofojas, you'll find inspiration and tips for living a more holistic (and slower) life. My main mantra is to 'feel good and keep it real.' I promote realistic ways of connecting with your most vibrant self by doing what’s best for you, personally.

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