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Haus of Ojas Turmeric Latte

Turmeric lattes, also called “golden milk,” are the quintessential Ayurvedic drink. There are many versions of this beverage and I encourage to modify per your tastes. In the Ayuredic tradition, this beverage is best for afternoons and evenings due to its relaxing effect on the body. It’s a great way to unwind after your work day has ended and is particularly supportive in stressful times, or as a gentle sleep aid. For these reasons, vata doshas (or those with a vata imbalance) may find this drink particularly supportive.

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Essential Ayurvedic Kitchadi

Kitchadi is a powerful dish. Often used in Ayurveda to give the digestive system a rest, it’s ideal for times of high stress, indigestion, or general imbalance. Kitchadi may be prescribed for several meals, days, or even weeks so that the digestive system can run without working too hard, and yet, the patient receives nutrient-dense food. It’s a form of a ‘re-set,’ if you will, since the dish allows the digestive fire, or agni, to re-ignite.

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Chapatis are made with two ingredients. Two! While bread has been demonized in recent years as an ‘unnecessary extra,’ chapatis, in my opinion, hold an important role in a meal. They round out the main dishes and flavors, allow for better digestion (for me, anyway), and are made fresh. Eating a bread that is cooked fresh allows you to bypass many of the issues with modern bread options in the United States. No packaged, preserved, sugary, and can-stay-on-your-counter-for-a-week stuff here. Plus, with a drizzle of ghee, the taste rivals anything you can get at the store.

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